What we demand

Together, across Missouri, we demand that our elected leaders, especially Governor Parson and the Missouri Legislature, take decisive and immediate action to protect our health, our livelihoods, and our democracy. Their failure to act is threatening our lives. 

We know that our system has never worked for ALL of our communities.  For too long, a powerful few have divided us to pad their own profits–dismantling Missouri’s social policies and systematically attacking democratic structures from labor unions to voting rights. Their greed has led us directly into the crisis we are all facing now, where hundreds of thousands of Missourians don’t have the healthcare they need to get well, the time off to stay home to care for loved ones, or the wealth to survive sudden layoffs. 

Enough is enough. Now is not the time to focus on corporate profits or safeguarding systems that only protect the privileged.  Now is the time to invest in regular people — ALL people — and our communities. We demand Governor Parson and the Missouri Legislature put our health, our livelihoods, and our democracy first.