Who we are

We are community-based organizations across the state of Missouri. We come from big cities, small towns, and rural communities. We represent many of the most marginalized among us, including elders, people with disabilities, and people with compromised immune systems. Our members are Black, white, and brown, and our lives may seem very different. But our fates are tied and we share common values that center our families, our local communities, and hope for a better world. We will not be divided by the scare tactics and distractions of unaccountable politicians. We are committed to seeing our communities through the global pandemic of COVID-19, which we know will be difficult and scary.

Together, across Missouri, we believe we must reorient our collective resources for the survival and the welfare of our most vulnerable residents, seniors, and working people. We are here to help each other weather the current crisis and to build a new Missouri that puts regular people first. We will defeat this outbreak together.